Why We Should Be Always Thankful, Mindful And Careful!!! By Emeka Oparah

Emeka Oparah

Let me start by saying that no one knows tomorrow. No one. Even if anyone knows, then know ye, know ye, that tomorrow is very far. It’s a long time, what we call tomorrow. If you’re in doubt, ask Chief David Lyon, whose victory as Governor-elect of Bayelsa State has just been upturned by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

His matter is made even worse by the fact that the ruling was given barely 24 hours before his inauguration. In actual fact, he was said to have gotten the bad news while rehearsing for his inauguration due tomorrow, February 14th, same tomorrow! How so sad! I feel really sorry for him.

My message is nothing to do with the justness or lack of it of the ruling or even the irony of the ruling party (APC) standing idly by while one of their most significant victories is truncated, as someone said to me. I’m saying that 24 hours is a pretty long time in this life. In fact one minute can make a whole lot of difference in a man’s (or woman’s) life.

Just like that, all those involved in the inauguration of event(s) of Chief Lyon are snookered! Caterers, DJ, Event planners, asoebi suppliers, even rainmakers are well and truly snookered. Some may never recoup their investments in the enterprise. Some may never recover from the shock and the loss.

Such is life, my brother. We set out in the morning not sure of what the day will bring and how the day will end. Indeed many have gone to bed, at the end of the day, and never woke up from sleep! That’s how fickle, how temporary and transient life can be.

And so, we must remain ever thankful for the life and opportunities we’ve been given by the Great Architect of the Universe. We must also always be mindful of the needs and fates of others-particularly the poor and distressed, the less privileged among us who sadly have less opportunities than we do. Thirdly, we must be careful, very careful, of what we do and say.

When I say we must be careful of what we do and say, I mean it literally. There was a story of a man who was told he would die on his birthday. He, not unexpectedly, took every necessary step to ensure the prophecy did not come to pass. He almost made it! At exactly midnight, after having had a solemn birthday, he jumped up for joy in his bed, where’s been staying safe all day, so high, forgetting the ceiling fan over his bed. He was beheaded!

Do not say with finality that you’ll do this or do that or you will never do this or never do that- because you have no idea what tomorrow will bring. All the noise we make; all the money we make; all the trouble we make; all come to naught when the bell tolls.

We’ve got be very prayerful so we can live to fulfill our mission on earth. And when our work here on this sublunary plane is done, may we be found worthy of a place in the Grand Lodge above from whence all good emanates.

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