See Pictures Of Two Passengers Who Survived Pakistani Plane Crash On Friday


On Friday, May, 22nd, 2020, a Pakistani Airbus A320 carrying 98 passengers including eight crew, crashed when the pilot attempted to land at the city’s Jinnah International Airport

According to Pakistani Civil Aviation Authority, the plane had on board 91 passengers and a crew of 7.

However, after flying from Lahore before it crashed into a residential area of Karachi at about 14:30 local time (09:30 GMT), due to the failure of two of the engines of the aircraft. Reports also had it that the aircraft wings during the crash landing hit the houses in the residential colony before crashing down. which affected at least 25 house.

But out of a total passengers on board the ill-fated aircraft, two passengers were lucky to have survived the air crash.

The two survivors are: Zafar Masood, the President of the Bank of Punjab and Muhammad Zubair.

“Thank you so much. God has been merciful,’ Zafar Masood, the President of the Bank of Punjab, one of the lucky survivors, said, according to officials who spoke to him in hospital after the crash.


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