See Before And After Pictures As Man Builds House For Three Childless Widows


A kind-hearted Nigerian has renovated a thatched and moulded house into a modern styled structure for three childless widows in Nnewi, in Anambra state.

According to a eye-witness account, he describes Hon. Nonso Smart Okafor gesture as remarkable saying that:

“It is not new in the scheme of things as far as leadership is concerned. As a student, he got to the zenith of school politics, when he was made the SUG president of Federal Polytechnic Oko, as an ambitious youth, he got to the pinnacle of youth leadership in the state as NYCN president.”

The three widows, according to the eye witness accounts, have been living in abject poverty before succour came their ways through the benevolence of Hon. Nonso.

The eye witness report also said that: “His dream of so many years paid off when he tested the political waters. This was a young man that has nothing to fight his way with the political goliaths of Nnewi, A young man that is not a cash cow but his goodwill was his major currency, this was a young man that defiled all odds and proved naysayers wrong when he stood his ground and fight what he believed. Because Nnewi House of Assembly elections of 2019 was adjourned to be the most expensive in the whole country cos of the money and involved. Like his name ‘Smart’, he outsmarted the giants and places his name in the history books of the town.

He also said: “I could see the tears of joy in those women. They have never in their life tasted a good life, their life has been a sorrow tale, and their husband’s property they never enjoyed any cos they have no child.”

The women shed tears today as they blessed Honorable Nonso Smart with their last energy.


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