Rihanna Bans Lewis Hamilton From Communicating With Ex, Nicole Scherzinger?



Probably not true but according to a report by In Touch magazine, Rihanna has banned her alleged new boyfriend Lewis Hamilton from communicating with his ex girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger…

Sources tells In Touch

“Nicole was constantly texting Lewis and it annoyed Rihanna. So she told him that if he doesn’t cut contact, it’s over. Rihanna’s worried that a spark may still linger. She wants to ensure she’s the woman in Lewis’ life.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s god mother, Sharon Bellamy Thompson – who helped raise the singer as a child, babysitting her and driving her to school – approves of their relationship. And so do I..:-)

Sharon was recently quoted as saying:

“They would have beautiful babies. As long as this man makes her happy, he’s got my approval. You’ve got to love his British charm. I saw her at the carnival [in Barbados] and Lewis is so handsome.”

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