Post Covid 19 Era: Firm Offers Free Personal Finance Course To Help Households


The Board of Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development -CeProd has approved the release of free personal finance course to help household learn how to cope with the post  Covid-19 era and boost national productivity.

The free course was unveiled by the Director General of CeProd Dr Chris Egbu on June 3, 2020. In his remark, Dr Chris Egbu  restated that Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development  remains committed to innovative problem solving, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Centre has braced up to the challenges posed by the pandemic and subsequently tasked itself to proffer solutions for institutions and households. Dr Chris Egbu  noted that the free one month  online course is another contribution of CeProd  towards combating the Coronavirus pandemic and cushioning its effect on the populace.

According to him  “as COVID-19 infests income sources, many families are now forced to closely consider how to spend every available naira. If you have lost your job or now receive a reduced pay cheque, you need  personal financial planning training to enable  you be able to meet your basic needs”

He noted that on a “personal level, COVID-19 has affected many facets of life – from career change, feeding and family vacations, to renovation projects, business plans and growth, retirement plans, etc – all have been altered, set back or permanently impaired.”

To elevate the financial literacy gap the COVID-19 era has brought to all. The Board of Centre for Productivity  approved the free online course for all households  titled “Personal Financial Planning that enhances cash Flow during Lockdown and Post COVID-19 era”.

With this free financial planning course you will be shown – how to set your goals and how to achieve those goals using an established working saving plan. The course will also develop your knowledge of Personal Finance; teach you how to invest and how to protect your finances during the post COVID-19 era and beyond.

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