Ned Nwoko Appeals Against Violence On #EndSARS Protests

Foremost Philanthropist and lawyer,Prince Ned Nwoko has called for peace and cessation of violence over the #ENDSARS protests rocking the Nation.
In a statement today in Abuja,Prince Nwoko said he was saddened by reports
that the Protests had degenerated to destruction of public installations and other properties as well as incidents of jailbreak ,arson and looting by street urchins.
While acknowledging the fundamental human rights of the youths to protest perceived social injustice,the legal luminary counseled initiators of the #ENDSARS demonstration not to allow hoodlums with criminal motives to erode their patriotic struggle for a reformed Police force and a better Nigeria.
Prince Nwoko said the mayhem is regrettable coming after the federal government had acceded to immediate disbandment of SARS, total police overhaul and investigation of acts of police brutality and misconducts nationwide.
He condoled with families of those who lost their lives and properties in the anti -SARS protests.
Recognizing that the use of violence during protest is unacceptable,Nwoko said Government has a duty to protect lives and properties but should be done with extreme care to avoid loss of innocent lives.
He urged the various security agencies to protect the genuine #ENDSARS protesters and apprehend the suspected hooligans instigating deaths and destruction.
Prince Nwoko appealed to the people to exercise restraint in engaging constituted authorities.
According to Nwoko. “The citizens must be wary of their statements at this time or anything that could be inimical to the stability of the country.
“The youths have made their laudable points.The government and global community have noted their demands.This is the time to start mobilizing and sensitizing the citizenry towards electing a political leadership that will bring in the desired changes for a new Nigeria.The Youths particularly should use their strength and voice to usher in that new Nigeria that will guarantee a fair and just society that is desirable to all” , he stated.
The former member of the House of Representatives, appealed to the National Assembly and the federal government to expedite action on the police reforms as pledged to address the demands of the youths as they desire a peaceful progressive nation where human rights for all would thrive.
He prayed for peace and a quick return to normalcy for the good of Nigeria and her people.

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