“My Husband Forces Me To Sleep With Different Men”- Wife Cries Out


Opeyemi, An Ibadan-based fashion designer, has accused her husband of 13 years, Olawale of pushing her to have amorous affair with different men.

She leveled these heavy allegations on her husband at an Ibadan Customary Court seeking the court to be granted a divorce. According to Opeyemi, this was how their problem started…

“At first, we had a cordial, loving marriage. I am a very beautiful woman, so when I go out, and men demand my number, I would give them my husband’s number. And whenever such calls came, I will ask my husband to speak with them so that they will not disturb me again.”

Opeyemi revealed further during her confession that; “In no time, my husband, Olawale’s attitude changed. He would beat me up for no reason, and became very aggressive. He would not drop money for feeding at home nor care about the upkeep of my children. His looks towards me showed distrust and disgust so I had no choice than to look for another man who could take good care of me and help me feed the children. Besides, he doesn’t like nor respect my mother.”

According to her, “When Olawale (Husband) got to the realization that I was having an amorous relationship with another man, he emptied a keg of petrol on me with the plan to set me on fire and roast me alive, fortunately for me he couldn’t locate where I had kept the matches at that time, for that, I would be d**d meat by now.” She alleged.

During his response, the husband who was the defendant denied all the allegations and vilified himself from doing any wrong during the course of his marriage to Opeyemi. He also objected to the divorce suit.

He narrated his own part thus; “She nags and insults me condescendingly, using unprintable names. When I noticed she has started walking her unwholesome walks, I also informed her parents about her waywardness but they did nothing to correct her nor make her retrace her steps.

“She also lied that I was not providing for her and the home. My children can testify that I make sure that I provide for her and my three children. For the sake of the children, please don’t separate us,” Olawale soberly pleaded.

However, Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, after the testimonies granted Opeyemi her wish by dissolving the marriage. He cited a threat to life as the reason.

The custody of the three children was awarded to Opeyemi, the petitioner and ordered the defendant to pay N15,000 as monthly feeding allowance for the children in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare.

Credits (NAN)

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