Joe Agi Is Miles Away From Fabian Strategies Of His Opponents By Emmanuel Ogar

As the countdown to the yet to be announced northern Cross River senatorial by-election draws nigh, aspiring individuals within and without the axis of symmetry of our principal’s (Joe Agi SAN) party, APC; nay the opposition parties in state appeared to have induced themselves with ‘joe-phobic’ stimulant which seems to have its remedy by the use of Fabianism tactics or war of attrition and spontaneous shenaniganry to perhaps unfeathered an eagle flying thousands of metres above sea level. As you rightly know, Joe Agi SAN is that eagle and their attempts are mere exercise in futility.
While we are not unsettled over the continuous politically sponsored schemes, skirmishes, diatribes and dirty calumny being carried out by enfant terribles and cliques of unruly avant-garde against our principal, we are somewhat concerned about the future of these hirelings being used as conduit to propagate falsehood. We are bothered about the negative impacts on the gullible by the exertion of rable-rousing. We are worried about their frolicsome nature that have led them falling into the clutches of those sailing under false-colours who will sooner or later find themselves in waterloo. Do they understand that when the time comes, they will be left in the lurch.
To the chagrin of this lackeys, their sustained and wanton media onslaughts on the personality of Joe Agi SAN has really helped to launder his image — thereby making our once arduous task less stressful. Today, the name: Joe Agi SAN is on the lips of every eligible electorates for good as a man devoid of possessing tyrannical sadism; proponent of systematic and institutional prejudices, straight-man and loyal-fellow (phrases for political puppets), one whose will is tied to someone’s apron strings or blinded by what the Spaniards would call trastorno narcisista de la personalidad (a phrase in psychiatry for narcissistic personality disorder).
As they wallow unknowingly in the fetters of complexity, we have a duty to educate them that in saner climes, politics is played with all manner of decency. People vie for political position(s) in order to serve and not a refuge against antigraft agencies or pursuing an opportunity to accumulate more shiny metals. The electorates pay attention to manifestoes. They look out for the richness of preparation of the various aspirants or candidates and not sponsors of falsities and propagandists.
We in the camp of Joe Agi SAN do not believe that politics is a kind of deleterious profession or some kind of poisonous handicraft where nastiest things are said in nicest way; or where insults become the arguments employed by those bereaved of superior logic if I may paraphrase Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s aphorism.
We would only refute their load of lies knowing that if it is told repeatedly, it becomes truth to the fleeceable according to Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler’s reign in 1933 – 1945. We would nail their lies to the counter and use some as deterrents under the precinct of the law.
In the light of the above, it’s a known fact — an incontestable truth that our principal is a distinguished lawyer. A man of letters. An experienced learned man with vast knowledge of legislative activities. He is not a greenhorn that would be relegated to the pews at the gallery as most incumbent senators are his associates and even clients. He is a skillful negotiator and ingenious lobbyist. There is no better aspirant than him in the race.
To attract projects to our constituency, we need a man of Joe Agi’s calibre. Like our principal, we have grown above joining issues with mischief-makers.
Comr. (Hon) Ogar Emmanuel Oko
Head of Joe Agi SAN Media Team
Campaign Organization.

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