Isis Claims Responsibility For Egyptian Blast


Egyptians are still in shock after after Tuesday’s bomb blast in North Sinai.

The car bombing happened outside a hotel that was hosting judges who have been overseeing the second phase of the country’s parliamentary election.

The Islamic State in the Sinai province says it’s to blame for the deadly attack in Egypt.

It announced on Twitter that its members planned and executed the plan that killed now seven people, including policemen and a judge.

A blown up truck outside the Swiss Inn Hotel, started the chaos.

Two policemen were killed right at the gate of the heavily guarded area.

Then, inside the kitchen, another militant detonated the bomb, he was wearing.

Judge Omar Hammad was there to oversee elections in the area, but died inside one of the hotel rooms, were he was shot.

A military statement released in Egypt said the attack was ‘a failed attempt to hinder the state from building its institution’.

It’s promised to ‘weed out’ the roots of terrorism in the north Sinai region.

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