Frank Archibong: The Emerging Tiger Of Akwa Ibom Politics By Emmanuel Paragon Mbong


His entry into the political scene was indeed like a bolt out from the blue. It was unheralded and unannounced as he made his triumphant entry into the land of Eket without much ado , pomp and pageantry.

Investigations revealed that the forty five year old youthful political tactician had his political baptism of fire as one of the personal assistants to the incumbent Commissioner of Investment and Tourism , Prince Ukpong Akpabio.

At the time the popular Ukana cabal held the reins of governance in the land of promise, Hon Frank Archibong cut his political teeth as the Secretary of the Transition Committee under the erstwhile Eket Council Boss, Chief Aniekan Willie Akpan..

As tender as he was then, he performed his assigned duties creditabily well with youthful verve, energy and precision .

He waltzed his way through the ranks and through providence, rose to prominence and later became the Chairman, Eket Transition Committee.

The Ikot Ibiok born political juggernaut became a toast of many with a superlative performance while in the saddle and this has endeared him to most of his friends and foes alike.

Political analysts were not really surprised and taken aback when he threw his already full blown political cap into the ring and vied for the position of the Executive Chairman of Eket Local Government Council.

Because of his towering image and soaring popularity, he took all his fellow contestants to the cleaners, made a mincemeat of them all to emerge in a landslide victory.

Three years down the line, he is now battle ready once again to seek for the renewal of his mandate at the expiration of his tenure as council boss later in the year.

For now the coast seems clear for him to stage a big comeback as there are no serious contenders pitched against him for the plum job

As the incumbent ALGON boss, Hon Archibong has tremendously helped in rallying unflinching support and unalloyed loyalty to the state administration in all facets of life.

He is the pivot in which the entire local government administration in the state revolves and hinges.

This well articulated super whiz kid has indeed carved a niche for himself and his name now rings a bell within the nooks and crannies of the land of promise.

As 2023 beckons and rears its head, different political permutations have started flying left, right and centre. He is widely touted to be the deciding factor and a joker in the next political dispensation.

There is indeed no hiding place for this gold fish as his teeming supporters which cut across party divide are mounting serious pressures on him to go for a higher office.

Some pundits say they would like to have him as the next Deputy Governor while others are earnestly asking him to put his hands on the plough as a federal legislator but he must surely weigh various options and look at the realities on ground before taking a deep plunge.

Everything for now is really going good for him as the new beautiful bride but how far he can still go on his political adventure is dependent on the way and manner he manages his present successes which he must be wary of allowing it to get into his head.

He has also veered a little into national limelight and has built bridges among various political blocs as the present National Financial Secretary of the grassroot level of government.

The sky certainly will not even be the limit for this youthful prodigy as he inches his way through the overcrowded political mill. Slow and steady, they say win the race.

The tiger lies low not from fear but for aim.
Prof Wole Soyinka once said ” A tiger does not shout its tigritude, it acts’

Frankly speaking, Hon Frank Archibong is one of the emerging tigers that has now dotted the political landscape of Akwa Ibom State.

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