Ban On “Okada”: Lagos Commuters Stranded As “Okada” , Tricycles Riders Go Off Lagos Road


Most passengers on Lagos metropolis were stranded as the ban on the restriction of motor bikes otherwise known as “okada” and tricycles riders took effect on Saturday, 1st February, 2020.

The Lagos state government had issued a directive to the state operators that come February 1, 2020, those who engage in such means of transportation would be arrested and prosecuted.

Areas restricted include, major high ways, bridges, Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Banana Island and other high brow Vicinity.

According to reports, there are people who are complaining of the socio-economic implications such ban and restrictions would have on the lives of operators.

The Lagos state state had based its decision to ban the operations of “Okada” and tricycles on Lagos roads because of the increasing rate of accidents and deaths their operations have caused in the last four years which the state government described as alarming. According to them, over 10,000 accidents have been recorded in the state in the last four years.


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