A Story That Shocked Me…By Ikharo Attah


    Something unusual took me to Mararaba this Monday morning. On my way back I stopped over at Nyanya market to pick up somethings.

    As I was about coming down from the car I saw this man waiting by the door. As I opened he pleaded I assist him start a business.
    Suspecting him to be criminal ,I quickly used the car’s pedal lock and locked the car properly.
    As I walked away something in the inside told me to go back to him. I did returned and asked what type of business.
    He then informed me that he wanted to start selling pure water and needed just a clean-white plastic bucket with a cover. According to him with the afternoon heat around Abuja he would make good profit .
    I agreed. We bought the bucket for N800 and proceeded to the nearby cold room and I payed for two bags of pure water at the cost of N200. I refused giving him money because I don’t trust him yet.
    Quickly Ibrahim filled the bucket with very cold pure water and commenced business.
    After 30 minutes in the market, I met him going back to take another bag of pure water from the cold room and we took this picture.

    With just one thousand naira(N1,000) Ibrahim is smiling round the market , happy to be in business.

    He told me he planned to buy a wheelbarrow soonest and later a commercial motorcycle when things improve.
    As I watched him continuously thank me, Am fulfilled today that I did something, though extremely little, my spirit tells me has touched a life.

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